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Mini Dental Implants Dallas TXTired of Loose, Slipping Dentures? Are You Missing One or More Teeth? Mini Implants Can Help!

Energy Square Dental is pleased to offer our patients an innovative technology for replacing missing teeth and returning a healthy, strong, beautiful smile. In the past, many patients have not been candidates for traditional dental implants for a variety of reasons. Mini dental implant technology provides several benefits over traditional dental implant procedures.

Many denture wearers were told they were not good implant candidates because of insufficient bone density. But dentures can move around and don’t provide the strength and stability that implants can. That’s why Dr. Blandford is so excited about mini implants. Here are some of the benefits:

Less Expensive, More AffordableImplant Dentistry in Dallas TX

One of the greatest benefits of mini dental implants is cost. A naturally beautiful smile is achievable for most patients with far lower costs than traditional implants. Because results are long-lasting, mini implants can be considered a valuable long-term investment in both dental health and aesthetics.

Less Healing Time, Less Invasive

Because mini dental implants are smaller, they require small incisions and no stitches. This reduces the risk of complications and speeds up the recovery process significantly.

Less Number of Visits, Faster and Easier

Regular dental implant placement can be invasive and requires months to heal. Mini implants can be just as strong and effective, but because the implant is smaller, placement is faster and far less invasive, and results are instantaneous. For most patients, a single treatment session is sufficient to create a great smile.

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