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"You got off to a good start...through your willingness to answer all of my initial wave of questions... You have always provided clear, cogent explanations for your recommendations...[and] patiently responded to my (sometimes silly) questions and observations... A year later, I feel like I have certainly gotten my money's worth... In selecting a dentist, I did not require that he/she or his/her support staff be people with whom I would enjoy maintaining a friendship to parallel our professional relationship; but that's the way it's turned out, for which I am genuinely grateful..."
—William J.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Not to mention the superb level of workmanship, but also the extra hours and days you gave me."
—Ric W.

"I know I was not your only patient, but I thank you for making me feel as if I was."
—Virginia M.

"As you may recall, you successfully treated my TMJ disorder in 1987... I have worn the splints you made me every night since then and I have been pain and click-free... I now live in New Zealand but I took advantage of a business trip back to the US to find you and get a [replacement] splint done right. After a week with my repaired splint, I can say the long trip was well worth it."
—Douglas K.

"Thank you for referring [a patient] for treatment of his high blood pressure... You did this man a tremendous favor by identifying his blood pressure problem. The blood pressure elevation he had could easily have led to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure or vision loss. It would be great if all dentists checked blood pressure on all of their patients so that more undiagnosed hypertension could be identified. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in this man's care and we are always happy to assist you with any medical needs."
—Dr. S.

"I would like to thank you for the excellent care I received... I was particularly impressed with the professionalism of all the staff in your office and the personalized attention that they provided. As a physician directly involved in the administration of health care, it is always a pleasure to see a well-managed office [that] provides outstanding care."
—Dr. B.

"I should have listened to your recommendation a long time ago and saved myself two years of pain... It is important for patients to trust and respect their dentists. I am now convinced that I have a good one, and I feel comfortable recommending you to friends and family."
—Fran H.

"I have a tremendous admiration for the way you run your business. You bring new meaning to the word[s] 'customer service.' It has been a real pleasure knowing you. And please know you have a customer for life."
—Clay G.

"I pay, every month, dental insurance that you do not accept. Yet I come to you and pay full fare. Need I say more about you guys? I have a phobia about the dentist, any dentist, but I keep coming back to you. Love and kisses."
—J. Corn


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