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If you have always felt terrified of any type of dental appointment, you can forget your fears at our practice. We understand how worrisome going to the dentist can be for some patients. Now, with conscious sedation dentistry, you may not remember everything about your treatment, and your visits will be easy and pleasant for you. We are pleased to bring this type of sedation that will change your outlook on going to the dentist.

It's as easy as taking one pill one hour before your scheduled appointment. As you sit in the dental chair, this sedation allows you to relax. As you progress to a deeper level of relaxation, you will still be able to respond to questions, but will be unaware of the work being performed. Your vital signs will be monitored continually. When your procedure is completed, you have a friend drive you home. In approximately an hour, you should be back to normal.

Some patients have an even greater fear of "letting go." It is important to realize you are not completely "out" as for surgery. This approach simply lets you relax and feel better about the treatment, but still be conscious. It is a happy medium between these two needs that allows you to relax but still be able to respond to conversation.

Other patients need conscious sedation therapy because they cannot get numb with the usual anesthesia. And this is also used for those who need more work done in one visit. They don't have the time for multiple trips, and can now accomplish the necessary work in just one visit!

With some cases, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This is commonly used to make treatment more comfortable. This sedation is inhaled through a mask that allows you to breathe in the medication and induces a state of relaxation. Local anesthetic will be administered in conjunction with nitrous oxide to eliminate pain in most cases.


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