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Kids Enjoy Their Visits

Kids Dentist in Dallas TXDr. Blandford provides the latest advancements for children's dentistry and is gentle and caring throughout treatment. He makes children feel at ease so they can enjoy their visits. He teaches them how to maintain good dental health with proper daily oral hygiene. Our team enjoys all their visits year after year as they grow and change.

It is one of the goals of our practice to make sure children grow up without any fear of dental care. Parents have told us we are accomplishing this goal. We maintain a happy and relaxed office that children are excited to visit. If your child is afraid or simply active, we can help to make all their treatments enjoyable.

The Unique Care Your Children Need

Children's Dentistry in Dallas TXWe provide a friendly atmosphere so your children feel comfortable. We strive to instill good dental health care at home, especially during children's formative years when their teeth are susceptible to cavities.

There are multiple reasons their teeth are more prone to decay. Often children do not brush as well as needed. We encourage parents to be a part of their daily cleaning to ensure they develop good dental habits and thorough brushing. As kids often eat throughout the day (grazing), this results in extended exposure to acids from the food (whenever you eat, acids are produced in the mouth). Continual exposure to acids can cause more cavities increasing the chance your child's teeth will decay.

Teeth that are not clean to begin with cause additional exposure to acid, increasing the rate dental caries will develop. Changing the selection of foods to more nutritious choices and encouraging better daily hygiene can help to minimize the development of cavities. One application of a fluoride varnish that will mineralize the teeth will significantly reduce the occurrence of cavities as well.

Protection from Tooth Decay – The Easy Way!

Preventive Dental Sealants Dallas TXChildren often miss hard-to-reach areas of teeth, and sometimes even meticulous brushing doesn't clean the deep grooves of the back teeth. As bacteria build up, plaque forms, eventually creating decay. Any amount of decay is permanent damage requiring a filling or even a crown. With today's advancements in dentistry, there is a way to help prevent cavities from forming. One application of a dental sealant will help.

This is how easy the treatment is:

First, all the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. One thin coat of clear sealant is applied to the surfaces of the back teeth. It is transparent and not visible. The hygienist applies a curing light to bond the coating to the teeth. The procedure is completed in just minutes, with no shots or drilling necessary, and there is no pain. We highly recommend this treatment for both children and adolescents, as it will greatly help them keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

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